Universidad Panamericana | Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida
Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

The Universidad Panamericana celebrated for the second edition, the inauguration of Proyectos de Vida, an initiative that initiative that supports young people with great potential but limited resources .

What is it?

Proyectos de Vida is a solidarity campaign that responds to its founding purpose of "that no one stops studying at Universidad Panamericana, due to lack of economic resources".

In addition, we are aware of the importance of counting on the university community to promote our social responsibility initiatives. to promote its social responsibility initiatives, we seek to involve our membersWe seek to involve our members in this initiative and, in particular, our graduates who, in their time, had the opportunity to realize the dream of studying with us and are now reaping the rewards.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida


The purpose of Proyectos de Vida is to consolidate a network of allies to achieve the best version of our country .

First edition

In 2020, the Universidad Panamericana launched this initiative for the first time, managing to support 24 students at the Guadalajara Campus, thanks to a donation of 4.035 million pesos from 676 contributors; 62 students at the Mexico City Campus, thanks to a donation of 8.051 million pesos from 1,362 contributors; and 4 students at the Aguascalientes Campus, thanks to a donation of 2.056 million pesos from 290 contributors.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

Second edition

For this new campaign, each Panamericana Campus has a specific goal. The Guadalajara Campus seeks to reach 5 million pesos to provide scholarships to new students; the Mexico City Campus has a goal of 8 million pesos; and the Aguascalientes Campus has a goal of 2 million 400 thousand pesos.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

Campaign Goal

The Panamerican Foundation set a group goal of reaching 16 million pesos between campuses within five weeks, with the participation of 4,000 recurring donors, who donate an average of $500 pesos per month each.

"Talent does not have an economic preconditionThe important thing is to detect talented people who have a very clear conviction, a vocation that can be exercised in this university. When there is a person who has an outstanding ability and at the same time, an economic barrier, and someone helps themto overcome that barrier,the retribution becomes immeasurable," said Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes, Secretary of Education of Jalisco.

Student testimonials

"What I would say to all the donors, first of all, thank you very much for betting on me and for trusting me. And probably the only way I can thank them right now is by giving everything I have left in my career. Life doesn't always make it easy for us to take those steps, but that's what it's all about, it's the adventure of living, of trying to fulfill that goal, that dream," said Noemí Guadalupe Vázquez León, a student of Administration and Marketing.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

"To be able to study in one of the best universities in the country, is to be able to dedicate myself to helping other people.. You can really count on the fingers of one hand the people who at this moment can have access to an education of this level when they come from the bottom like me. It is something that I am very grateful for and that I think I will be able to take advantage of a lot," confessed Andrea Montserrat Retana Hernández, a student of Psychopedagogy.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

"For all the people who have supported me, the donors of the scholarship, my parents, my friends, teachers, I would like to thank them fully.Because thanks to your support, to your help, I have enjoyed all the benefits that have been granted to me. I am where I am, I have been able to expand my horizons to a new world, and I have a broader vision of what I can achieve, as a professional, as an engineer," shared Carlos Ignacio Elías Contreras, a student of Mechatronics Engineering.

Panamericana inaugurates second edition of Proyectos de Vida

In the Universidad Panamericanawe reaffirm our commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility. Together, we build a more enriching and promising future for generations to come.