Universidad Panamericana | Rubén Romo obtains his PhD in Engineering
Rubén Romo obtains his Ph.D. degree in engineering

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; March 19, 2024.- The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara is pleased to announce that full-time research professor and Head of the Architecture Academy, Rubén Romo Gamboa, has achieved his PhD in Engineering through his thesis entitled "Human Resource as a competitive advantage in the Construction Industry and a model to determine its factors and indicators".

Rubén Romo obtains his Ph.D. degree in engineering

Doctorate in Engineering

During his doctoral research, Dr. Romo Gamboa dedicated himself to the mathematical and statistical study of human resource variables and their influence on the competitiveness of construction companies. Using the Structural Equations Method (PLS-SEM), he concluded that leadership, values and incentives are determining factors for success in this field.

Obtaining this doctorate not only represents an academic achievement, but also brings with it a remarkable sense of pride for Dr. Rubén Romo. "Being able to conclude the doctorate proved to myself my capabilities.D.,I grew in knowledge with the objective of generating knowledge, conducting international research, improving the quality of the classes I teach as well as networking with other researchers," he commented.

Among the most rewarding aspects she had along the way were the opportunity to meet colleagues and peers along the way, as well as the publication of her research in international scientific journals. "For me, it was a huge pleasure to know that the knowledge generated will be there forever".

Rubén Romo obtains his Ph.D. degree in engineering

Challenges along the way

However, the process of obtaining her doctorate was not without its challenges. Balancing work, family and study demanded constant discipline. "Writing a thesis alongside publishing articles, alongside work and family is a complicated balance, that was the biggest challenge.. I always had my goal clear, persistence I think is the most important thing when pursuing a doctorate," she confessed.

One piece of advice Dr. Romo offers to the university community is the following: " Persistence in studies and discipline is what really generates a competitive advantage as an individual. Collaborative work is more important than we think. Never close yourselves to keep learning, even just for pleasure or personal fulfillment, you must always keep learning".

The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara congratulates Dr. Rubén Romo Gamboa for his outstanding achievement and hopes that his contribution will continue to inspire the university community to reach new goals and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective disciplines.

Rubén Romo obtains his Ph.D. degree in engineering