Universidad Panamericana | Don Víctor Martínez: 28 years of cheerful service
Don Víctor Martínez: 28 years of cheerful service

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; August 31, 2022.- Victor Martinez Martinez, better known in the student community as "Don Vic", works in the General Services department as a Men in BlueHe has been working at Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara for 28 years.

Vic started as a UP worker in the gardening area, where he worked for 3 years; later in 1997 he was transferred to events; and currently he works in the cleaning area, where he has been working for 18 years.

The Men in Blue really likes the University environment, stating, "They don't pressure you, you have a schedule for your eight hours, they let you be free. You are your own boss.

Since he entered Panamericana, Don Vic takes advantage of his free time to participate in the different events that are organized, specifically he has been twice in the "Valores UP" event , in which he demonstrated his artistic skills and his taste for music.

Regarding his family, Victor Martinez is a man who prioritizes time with his loved ones, as he has four children, three of whom are already married and at the moment he has seven grandchildren.

Don Vic describes himself as "cheerful" and even said that "in the UP I was nicknamed 'Tigre de la Piedad'.

One piece of advice Victor gives to the student community is to "Study, because it is the inheritance that cannot be taken away from you. If your parents send you to study, they will give you the best inheritance, which is to study. That is something personal that goes with you".

The Universidad Panamericana is proud to have in its ranks a Men in Blue such as Victor Martinez, who represents the values of the institution, promotes education and stands out for his cheerful service.