Universidad Panamericana | Christmas under the tree 2023, giving away smiles
Christmas under the tree 2023, giving away smiles

Zapopan, Jalisco; December 13, 2023.- Thanks to the collaboration of the teachers, administrative staff and students of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara, who generously contributed to support this noble cause, the seventh edition of "Christmas under the tree" has been successfully carried out. This project, managed by the Social Commitment Departmentreflects the commitment and solidarity of our university community.

"I really liked participating in Navidad Bajo el Arbolito, because it fosters empathy and solidarity. I would totally participate again, it is a very nice thing to be able to help."- Andrea Marianne Cano Miramontes, 7th semester law student.

Christmas Under the Tree

The project seeks to "share with children the joy of discovering their gift under the tree" through sponsors. This year, we were able to support a total of 51 families of campus operations employees, giving a gift for Christmas to 79 children. This was possible thanks to the participation of 74 sponsors who joined the project with the aim of bringing moments of joy to the little ones.

This initiative began in 2016, since that year a total of 489 parents who are part of the operations staff of the university community have been supported. Similarly, 803 children have been given a gift; and 644 sponsors have collaborated .

"I would love to see the children's faces, the fact that it is something that they asked for and that they are going to receive is very nice." - Alejandra Calderón Ontiveros, University Collaborator

Patricio Kelly, a student of the School of Law, shared the following: "They sent me an email telling us about this initiative, and when I opened the list of gifts, it reminded me of when I was a child and the illusion of seeing the gifts under the tree. Seeing what the children were asking for, it reminded me a lot of the gifts I used to ask for when I was a child. That is why I am participating, I hope that the same happiness that I felt as a child is what they can feel...".

The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara expresses its most sincere congratulations and thanks to all those who made this project possible. Generosity, empathy and spirit of solidarity are examples of the values that Panamericana promotes and fosters in its community.