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Slow Art Day Art Awareness

The Art and Culture Department of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara is part of the "Slow Art Day", a global event to influence the appreciation and awareness of art.

Zapopan, Jalisco. As of July 13, 2022 - In 2010 a global event "Slow Art Day" was founded in which more than 1,500 museums and art galleries around the world participate. This event was created with the purpose of helping, influencing or instructing people to appreciate and become sensitized to art in a "slow" and deep way, because when art is contemplated carefully, it is when you can discover details about the feelings, techniques or order that the author of the work in question, sought to express and thus, to value the piece in its entirety.

Slow Art Day Art Awareness

On April 2 of this year, the "Slow Art Day" took place in galleries and art museums around the world and the Department of Art and Culture of the Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara Campusparticipated for the first time as a support and instructor in the contemplation of art. A clear example was the application of the Slow Looking technique, (which consists of the analysis of a piece for a minimum of 5 minutes) to the works produced by the students and by RaquelIA, a virtual artist who works with artificial intelligence, generating a work of art from an introduced text.

Based on the values of Panamericana, we sought to influence the university community for the correct contemplation of the works. This included not only the contemplation of the work of recognized artists, but also works generated by students and academics, supporting the talent of the community and understanding the message that each of the artists sought to communicate to others.

Slow Art Day Art Awareness

This event mainly instructs art lovers how to appreciate and find what is not perceived with the naked eye and to capture and analyze the details of each piece of art. All those who execute the Slow Looking technique increase their ability to analyze and become aware of the artworks, something we should all begin to do when it comes to contemplating art.

Have you ever applied the Slow Looking technique?

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