Universidad Panamericana | Third place in National Dance in CONADEIP 2023
Third place in National Dance at CONADEIP 2023

Aguascalientes, Ags. December 1, 2023.- Every year, the country's private universities get together to showcase their best dance teams at the national level. This year, the Universidad Panamericana campus Aguascalientes participated with its three CONADEIP 2023 dance teams: POMS, JAZZ AND HIP HOP.


To attend this competition, teams require a lot of technical preparation, physical performance and teamwork to achieve a good result.

The event took place from March 27 to 29, 2023 at the ITESO facilities in Jalisco, where more than 15 private universities from all over the country gathered.

Our teams made extraordinary presentations with the following results:

  • HIP HOP Team: 3rd place in the National ranking
  • JAZZ- POMS Team: 3rd place in the National ranking
  • OVERALL NATIONAL AWARD: 3rd Place National


Third place in National Dance at CONADEIP 2023

Hip Hop Selection

Gary Ochoa, Hip Hip women's coach, commented that "it was a great challenge to measure ourselves against such big and prestigious universities that had twice as many people as we did. It took a lot of hard work and when we saw the opportunity to take third place we took it and I am very happy and proud with the result and with my team.

The Hip Hop team is led by coach Gary Ochoa and is made up of the following students: Paola Valdéz, Ana Lucía Hernández, Natalia Padilla, Alexa Gutiérrez, Valeria de la Cruz, Goretti Vela, Ana Sofía Bermúdez, Pamela Martín.

Jazz Selection

For her part, Adalya Puente, coach of Poms Jazz, says: "I lived moments of great intensity, because the fatigue was little compared to the adrenaline, nerves and excitement of seeing how a team became a winner before knowing any result, because the union, strength, work, training, courage and desire had already made them champions before the final. Winning third place nationally was an indescribable sensation.

The Poms-Jazz team is led by coaches Pedro Arredondo and Adalya Puente and is made up of the following students: Goretti Vela, Ashley Quezada, Rebeca Peña, Adriana Machuca, Hannia Cornejo, Oceanía Hernández, Ana Elisa Anaya, Sofía Poblete, María Fernanda Ortega, Melissa Landell, Sara Ruíz, Vercia Lozano, Kaisa Aguilar, Ana Lucía Hernández.

Third place in National Dance at CONADEIP 2023

Poms Jazz student, Oceanía Hernández, comments: "In the course of my life, competitions were part of my training as a professional classical dancer. It was an individual work where my effort had an impact only on me, until I lived the experience of competing as a team where my effort also depended on reaching success and representing the Universidad Panamericana,. CONADEIP gave me the opportunity to join my team and to fight against fatigue for a result full of pride and satisfaction, valuing everything I worked for in training.

"The experience of participating in CONADEIP was undoubtedly a challenge. We were proud that in spite of being the smallest team in terms of members, we made our presence felt. It was incredible to see that all the effort and sacrifice was reflected in that medal.

The team has brought me a lot of growth, each one brings me different things and especially the coach who pushes me to give that extra and shows us that of course you can do it as long as you work with dedication," says Paola Valdéz, female Hip Hop student.