Universidad Panamericana | The UP Theater Company presented the play Terapia de Grupo (Group Therapy).
The UP Theater Company presented the play Terapia de Grupo (Group Therapy).

Aguascalientes, Ags. December 10, 2023.- On Saturday, May 13, the theater company UP Aguascalientes presented the comedy Group Therapy based on the famous play Toc Toc by Laurent Baffie.

The show was presented in the historic Morelos Theater with two performances, gathering more than 500 spectators.

The UP Theater Company presented the play Terapia de Grupo (Group Therapy).

Group Therapy

This comedy was directed by the professor of the Theater Company Diego Cervantes and integrated by students and UP Alumni with the following characters:

  • Bernardo Arámbula - CAMILO
  • Rodrigo Moreno - FRED
  • Rocío Martínez - MARÍA
  • Andrea Perez - LILI
  • David Garcia - OTTO
  • Fátima Arámbula - ANNA
  • Florencia Arreola - WHITE
  • Nicole García - THE ASSISTANT



The students approached the topic of OCD'S (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders) in a fun way and to develop their characters they received a session by the School of Pedagogy and Psychology of our campus.

Rodrigo Moreno, who played Fred, comments that "participating in Terapia de grupo reminded me once again that theater fills my soul. These types of projects make me grow not only as an artist but also as a person. I learned a little more about the disorders and playing a character with one of them allowed me to be more aware and empathetic to what they have to go through every day. I could mention more things, but the theater has given me so much that I would not finish telling it all."

Similarly, Andrea Pérez, who plays Lili, says that "Group Therapy was a process in which I grew a lot in acting and in a personal way. Imet incredible people who became my family; definitely something I would repeat a thousand times, and even more, with these people.

The UP Theater Company presented the play Terapia de Grupo (Group Therapy).

Diego Cervantes, director of the play, comments that "without a doubt, this has been one of the most fun processes of my career as director of the UP theater company. "Group Therapy" was a text that came to me as a balm of freshness and playfulness. Many rehearsals were filled with laughter and laughter. A cast of determined, wonderful, purposeful and committed actors and actresses. What a joy to work with artists like this.

The scenery was designed by students of the Scenographic Space Design workshop directed by Professor Alan Paniagua.

It was the first comedy I staged and the taste it left in me and the cast was absolutely sweet and unifying. Always supported by the incredible team of Arte y Cultura UP Aguascalientes and by the wonderful Universidad Panamericana. A thousand thanks for making it possible for the dream of theater to always be a tangible reality for us and above all for the audience that enjoys our work. I am extremely proud of this production and its result. Thank you for making it possible," concludes Diego.