Universidad Panamericana | Transforming lives without limits, the importance of a consultant
Transforming Lives Without Limits: the Importance of an Advisor

Advisory de SMART Center ofUniversidad Panamericana, held the event Transformando Vidas sin límites (Transforming Lives without Limits), which featured a presentation by Eduardo Hernandez Calleros, Head of Fundraising Programs of Fundación Teletón México.

The event aimed to inspire the university community, especially university counselors, to focus their efforts on accompanying students, to really believe in them, and support them during their university journey to achieve their professional and personal goals.

During the event, held digitally, in addition to Eduardo Hernández were also present. Santiago Garcia Alvarez, Rector of Campus Mexico; Dr. Teresa Nicolas Gavilan, Vice-Rector for Academics and Innovation; and Ms. Fernanda Haro, Head of SMART Center.

In her speech, the vice-chancellor said: "Passion is not enough to be a good counselor, you also have to be trained, you have to develop soft skills to be able to support students".

She also recalled that in the SMART Center area, especially from Advisory, strategic courses have been prepared that provide tools, concepts, ideas, and training aimed at advisors, focused on helping them to grow in their work.

Support networks and the Adviser

Eduardo Hernández then spoke about his work at Fundación Teleton, highlighting in particular the importance of support networks in helping young people to develop to their full potential.

He gave the example of the case of Juan Pablo Macías Avila, a young man from Fundación Teleton who suffers from a spinal cord disorder and has no mobility in his legs, but who, with the right support networks, is now an actor in development.

"The counselor has to have love and empathy for his or her clients. (...) We believe in service with love and love with service," said Eduardo.

He took the opportunity to applaud the work of our university's counselors for the personalized treatment they provide to students and reminded them: "As counselors, you are joining a process of training and development of students".

He explained that just as he was able to present the example of Juan Pablo from Teleton, who had improved his skills thanks to his parents, therapists and psychologists, Panamericana counselors "have in their hands the hammer and chisel with which they are polishing each of their students in the development process.

Honor to whom honor is due

Following this, the Dean of Campus Mexico recognized and celebrated the efforts of the advisors who have been characterized by the development of their competencies through the range of training they have received from Advisory, with the SMART Advisor Diploma.

The acknowledged advisors were:

  • Carla Espinosa Herrera, Law.
  • Elizabeth Jimenez Almanza, Governance and Economics.
  • Fernando Villela Aranda, Business Administration.
  • Ana Carolina Balseca Figueroa, Pedagogy.
  • Adriana Agnes Repellin Moreno, Pedagogy.
  • Martha Patricia Llergo Bay, Communication.
  • Raquel Corrales Esparza, Psychology, Health Sciences.
  • Ana Maria Morett Sánchez, ESDAI.
  • Nahieli Greaves Fernandez, ESDAI.
  • María de los Angeles Padilla Lavin, Pedagogy.
  • Maria Elena Guevara Razo, Law.
  • Maria Fernanda Haro, Communication.
  • Maria Fernanda Sarmiento Armendariz, Pedagogy.
  • Maraa Teresa Nicolas Gavilan, Pedagogy and Law.