Universidad Panamericana | La Panamericana is recognized by CANICA A.C.
CANICA A.C. Recognizes La Panamericana

CANICA A.C. Recognizes La Panamericana

"Loving life" and knowing love through pain is part of the actions that Canica A.C. carries out on a daily basis.

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; September 6, 2022.- La Universidad Panamericana was recognized by CANICA A.C., a support center for children with cancer, for being an ally throughout its first 19 years of existence. During this time, the young students of La Panamericana have supported, through their social work, 2,623 families facing this disease, giving support, quality and hope of life to each one of them.

During their message, the founders, board of directors and board of trustees said: "CANICA was created in 2003, with the mission to support children and adolescents with cancer and their families, born with the spiritual task of achieving that in the face of adversity experienced by parents, children and their siblings, they had the certainty that "God has not left them alone", that through the encounter with the people who collaborate in CANICA live the presence of God (...)".

CANICA A.C. Recognizes La Panamericana

CANICA and the Pan-American

In addition to contributing through the work of the students, the university also does so through campaigns to collect bottle caps with the program. "Green Commitment and at the beginning of this year, with the "Mouth Covers with a Cause" campaign, which had the purpose of facilitating students and collaborators to acquire mouth covers at the entrances, managing to sell a total of 4,356 mouth covers, collecting a total of $87,113.03 pesos and a profit of $58,907.33 pesos. The income received was used for the purchase of medicines, laboratory studies, wheelchairs, canteens, lodging, transportation, school program and palliative care.

"Many congratulations to CANICA, its team and families and thank you very much for the social formation that you leave in the university community, thank you very much to the commitment of all the students of Panamericana in their Social Work activities. Seeing the love and dedication of each one of them makes you love life more than ever. It is a pleasure to meet them and see their passion in each one of the children, their families and all the programs they have," said Ekatherine Acosta, head of Social Commitment.