Universidad Panamericana | Expo Creactivate 2022
Creactivate Expo 2022

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; November 18, 2022. School of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, held the event "Expo Creactivate", through which students of the degrees in Pedagogy and Educational Innovation and Psychopedagogy created content for the TV series, Streaming and Social Networks, "El Cofre de Marina", with the aim of designing, producing, applying and evaluating a playful-didactic resource that solves an educational-social need; based on research and carried out through teamwork.

Creactivate Expo 2022

Creactivate Expo

The main purpose of this content is to help build the character of preschool children, and each of the participating teams presented their work to the judges, spectators and children present, who participated in evaluating the projects, as well as in workshops and activities to get to know them better.

Creactivate Expo 2022

Marine Chest

El Cofre de Marina is a series of capsules for TV, Streaming and Social Networks, which combine live action (actors) with puppets and animation, to teach in an agile and fun way to children from 3 to 6 years old, the pedagogical themes in preschool.

Creactivate Expo 2022

The activities are based on the workbooks "Técnicas y Colores" with more than 20 years of experience and close to 1 million copies sold throughout Mexico. This was created by Ricardo Arnaiz, film director, producer and writer, winner of several international awards, including the Ariel Award from the Academy of Sciences and Arts; and the Silver Goddess of the National Press. He is the creator and director of "La Leyenda de la Nahuala", "Nikté" and "El Americano: The Movie", among many others.

Creactivate Expo 2022

After a message from Ricardo Arnaiz, who connected virtually, and after the presentations and evaluations were completed, the winning teams were announced:

First place

Project title: I didn't do it!

Team member: Isabella Collins Serrano, María Fernanda Figueroa Atondo, Ana María Ochoa Tejeda, Ana Isabel Rocas Urquiza

Project description: Story aimed at preschool children focused on the promotion of the virtue of honesty.


Second place

Project title: The power of gifts

Team members: Paula Sofia Torres Orozco, Jose Francisco Perez Martinez, Maria Fernanda Jimenez Gonzalez, Ana Calzada Flores Saiffe, Martina Rizo Oroz

Project description: A story aimed at children where the importance of sharing and the virtue of friendship are highlighted.


Third place

Project title: Prince Loylo and the Jewel of Sincerity

Team members: María Guadalupe Navarro Moreno, Ana Paula Zepeda Pérez, Natalia Bernard Martínez, Andrea Felton Enciso.

Project description: A story aimed at preschool children whose main theme is to promote the virtue of sincerity.


The Universidad Panamericana congratulates all participants for their hard work and dedication to this project that seeks to improve the children of society and the future of our country.

Creactivate Expo 2022