Universidad Panamericana | Pablo Sahagún, new doctor in philosophy
Pablo Sahagún, new Doctor of Philosophy

Zapopan, Jalisco; February 19, 2023.- Maintaining its focus on the personal and professional development of its teachers, the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, is proud to announce that Professor Pablo Ignacio Sahagún Kunhardt has been awarded a doctorate degree in philosophy.

His doctoral thesis

Dr. Pablo Sahagún, a distinguished professor at the School of Humanities, focused on the following premise: "What makes a human being a person? During this research, he took main ideas from the philosopher Leonardo Polo and the psychologist Michael Tomasello.

Pablo Sahagún, new Doctor of Philosophy


The objective of this research was to create a bridge between both characters complementing each point of view to enrich the premise about what makes human beings special compared to animals or the rest of the universe.


One of the greatest challenges that Dr. Sahagún faced was to respect the method of Polo and Tomasello, since, when analyzing such different profiles, it was necessary to make the compatibility between them without manipulating the method of each author.


The result of his thesis points to a transcendent root in human nature in the cooperation of individuals. Sahagún noted that technology played a fundamental role in giving her access to research resources digitally, optimizing her work in many ways.

Pablo Sahagún, new Doctor of Philosophy


In conclusion, Professor Sahagún shared the following reflection: "I love to learn, I love to study, so I enjoyed reading very much. I was fortunate to have access to an excellent digital library that included the complete works of Polo and Tomasello. This technological availability greatly facilitated my research".

The Universidad Panamericana is proud of Dr. Sahagún's achievement, which represents his commitment to academic excellence and research. His work exemplifies the pursuit of knowledge and significant contribution to human understanding.