Universidad Panamericana | Awards 12 alumni for academic excellence
Awards 12 Alumni for their academic excellence

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; March 20, 2024. Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara has been proven once again with the recent recognition of 12 students as winners of the prestigious CENEVAL Award for Performance Excellence-EGEL..

Awards 12 Alumni for their academic excellence

Alumni Highlights

On this occasion, an Alumni from the Bachelor's Degree in Accounting received the award; 9 from Law; one from Civil Engineering and Administration; and one from Audiovisual Communication.

These young people stood out for their outstanding performance in all areas of the General Examination for Graduation from Bachelor's Degrees (EGEL), a rigorous evaluation instrument of national coverage that determines whether graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills at the end of their academic training.

Awards 12 Alumni for their academic excellence

Commitment to Quality Education

Since 2011, when this award began to be given, around 1.75% of all applicants to the CENEVAL exam obtain recognition for excellence. Specifically, of the 2,162,710 students who have taken the EGEL, only 36,943 graduates have obtained the award . These achievements enhance the prestige of the University both nationally and internationally.

Andrea López, Alumni of Administration and Marketing, commented "I feel very happy and proud of this achievement" as well as Maria José Martínez, graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in Law "I dedicate this recognition to my parents, my friends, my partner and the association, university participation and responsibility, which was the association that gave me a scholarship at the university".

"I dedicate this CENEVAL award to the Universidad Panamericana, to my parents, to my girlfriend and association, university participation and responsibility that allowed me to study law," said Iñaki Lizarraga, Alumni of the law school.

Awards 12 Alumni for their academic excellence

Awards 12 Alumni for their academic excellence

The presidium was made up of distinguished academic and management personalities, among them Dr. Rafael Hernández, Director of Institutional Development of the Campus; Dr. Carlos López and Dr. Sergio Velázquez, both vice rectors of the campus; and Ms. Mariana Belén García, Alumni Assistant Director.

The event culminated with a toast, where the success of these young talents was celebrated and the hard work of both the students and their teachers, who provided invaluable support during their preparation for the CENEVAL exam, was recognized.

The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara reaffirms its commitment to academic excellence and congratulates the awarded students for their outstanding achievement, which undoubtedly leaves a mark on the institution.