Universidad Panamericana | The influence of women in the company
The influence of women in the company

Mexico City, August 18, 2023.- During the closing ceremony of the Continuing Education diploma course, Women: Leadership and Influencethe Universidad Panamericana held a panel discussion entitled The Influence of Women in BusinessThe influence of women in business, in which professionals who have achieved work and business success, discussed the relevance they have in these areas.

Present at the table were: Karla Iberia, investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and head of Noticieros on Mexican television; Alejandra Espinosa, Vaccine Business Unit Head at AsofarmaAndrea Amozurrutia, Director of Finance and Sustainability for Grupo Herdez and María Martha Gómez, Head of People at Telefónica; accompanied by Karla Morales Esquer, Assistant Director of the Alumni Area of Alumni at Panamericanaas moderator.

 Women's growth

Throughout the discussion, different questions were asked that led the panelists to reflect on why, on many occasions, companies or women limit themselves to growth because of the commitment it can bring. These limitations, it was said, are mainly due to the fear of not doing certain activities, such as not taking care of children.

They also talked about the strength of women and how it gives them the ability to resist adversity, which makes it possible for new generations of girls to study, work, lead and carry out activities that were previously not allowed to them.

The influence of women in the company

Women's empowerment

On the subject of women's empowerment, all agreed that women are already powerful from birth, but that, despite this, there are ways to foster this empowerment.

In this regard, María Martha Gómez spoke about safe spaces for women: "I think we have to support each other, we have to create these networks where we can share problems, good things, advice".

As for the power that these businesswomen have to make a change, they agreed that they owe it to the willingness they have always had to do their work well, since the fact of being a woman does not assure them a position, but rather the desire to do things well. They also agreed that the best person should be in a position of power and that, erroneously, the balance favors men .

The influence of women in the company

Generate a change

As leaders in different areas of work, the participants affirmed that they have the opportunity to create change by implementing initiatives that support the voice of women.

Such proposals include affirmative action, about which Karla Iberia explained: "Affirmative action also means that you have to allow time for a person who has not been trained to attain that skill without you discarding it.

Panamericana has not been left behind with respect to these ideas. In fact, within the university there is an interdisciplinary group of feminist women with a humanist approach, who share this objective in the search for women to live in conditions of equality, not only in the workplace, but in any other.

To conclude the panel discussion, the entrepreneurs encouraged women to put fear aside and achieve their goals by making themselves a priority in which to invest.

The influence of women in the company