Universidad Panamericana | UP celebrates Hult Prize: social innovation to change the world
UP celebrates Hult Prize: social innovation to change the world

Mexico City, March 7, 2024. Universidad Panamericana once again held the on campus event of the Hult Prize, an event known worldwide for promoting social entrepreneurship projects among university students.

With the goal of solving some of the planet's most critical challenges, which are driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (SDGs), Hult Prize has established itself as a launching pad for the next generation of social leaders.

The challenge proposed for this edition focused on the creation of startups capable of generating a positive social impact, with the incentive of winning $1 million dollars to make their project a reality. However, since this year is the 15th anniversary of the Hult Prize Foundationit was decided to celebrate by accepting project ideas geared towards any SDG, rather than just the imposed challenge.

UP celebrates Hult Prize: social innovation to change the world

Projects of great care

Cecilia Canal, Vice Chancellor of the Mexico campus, addressed the participants and highlighted their initiative and dedication in implementing their projects: "Being here today for each team and each participant means six months of extra effort and challenges.

"It means devoting time, energy and dedication to an idea that you believe in, that you have put your mind and your heart and your talent, your energy into, and that you are determined to turn it into a project that can become a significant change," the vice chancellor commented.

UP celebrates Hult Prize: social innovation to change the world

Comprehensive approach

The panel of judges stood out for their diversity and experience. Denisse Vigueras, with a master's degree in Information Technology, CEO of Fashionable Mix and an expert in intellectual property, together with Rodrigo Espinosa de los Monteros, an accountant specializing in financial markets, with experience at JP Morgan, provided a business and financial vision.

Genaro Acevedo García, a computer science graduate and founder of Roatech Services, S.A. de C.V.; and Javier Pindter, an electronic systems engineer and CEO of Internet R&D, contributed their knowledge of technology and startups. The variety of their professional fields provided a comprehensive approach to project evaluation.

During the event, each group had four minutes to make their pitch, at which time they had the opportunity to present the essence and key points of their proposal. Afterwards, another four minutes were set aside for a question and answer session in which the judges delved into the details.

Finally, an additional five minutes were allotted for the judges to deliberate and evaluate the presentation.

Hult Prize 2024 Winner

The winning team of the local competition presented an innovative proposal to address the problem of financial illiteracy in Mexico through a mobile application called Trevol.

This app seeks to empower young people to take control of their personal finances through a playful and educational approach, directly addressing Sustainable Development Goals 4, 8 and 10 proposed by the UN.

The team, a fusion of talent and interdisciplinary knowledge, is integrated by:

  • Patricio Martin Vidal, from Business and Management;
  • Christian Maos Basaldúa, from Animation and Video Game Engineering and Data Intelligence and Cybersecurity Engineering;
  • Andrés Hernández Quijas, Administration and Marketing;
  • Ferdinand von Roehrich Uribe, Industrial Engineering and Innovation;
  • Mariano Yáñez Hernández, Administration and Finance.


Each, with their area of expertise, contributed to creating a solution that addresses the critical need for accessible and engaging financial education.

Trevol: transforming financial education

Trevol, noted for its gamification and personalization approach, transforms financial education into an interactive and rewarding experience. The app offers short and engaging five-minute lessons that make it easy for users to connect with personalized financial products .

In addition, Trevol incentivizes learning with points redeemable for coupons at small retailers. This visionary team has not only conceptualized an educational tool, but has also created a bridge to financial inclusion, with the potential to expand beyond Mexico and bring about a global shift in the understanding and management of personal finances.

UP celebrates Hult Prize: social innovation to change the world

Commitment to social innovation

The Universidad Panamericana is extremely proud of Trevol, the team that will represent our university in the regional Hult Prize competition. This group of outstanding students reflects university success and pride with their exceptional effort and commitment to social innovation.

As they move on to the next phase of the competition, they carry with them not only their innovative ideas, but also the spirit and values of Universidad Panamericana. We are confident that their participation will inspire others and make a significant contribution to society.

Want to learn more about Hult Prize at Panamericana? Come to SMART Center: https://smartcenter.up.edu.mx/