Universidad Panamericana | Five Pan American women transforming the world
Five Pan American women transforming the world

Friday, March 21, 2023. Universidad Panamericana is proud to have exceptional women who, in addition to impacting the University through their work, outside of their working hours seek to to transform the world through different projects. Here are five of them:

Laura Rochin Mozqueda

Lecturer in engineering postgraduate courses in the specialty of Engineering and Project Management. In addition to teaching the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility, Laura dedicates much of her free time to projects that help society. Among them are rainwater harvesting in a Wixárika elementary school, the promotion of education, health and sports in Wixárika communities, and the nutrition of Wixárika children with ONI A.C.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

Laura is also a member of the Ethics Committee of the company "Sesajal" and a doctoral student in Human Development Sciences with the research topic: CSR and its contribution to workers' human rights.

Adriana Gallo Ramos

Professor by subject and university advisor. She has dedicated more than 30 years of her life to Universidad Panamericana and pedagogy. Adriana firmly believes that education is the way for the growth of the person in all areas and has collaborated with civil associations to increase literacy in girls and teenage mothers living in a foster home (REMAR, A.C.). She also collaborates with the School in Community project in the area of Logical Mathematical Thinking through play at Corporativa de Fundaciones.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

Adriana believes that the Universidad Panamericana has taught her the value and dignity of the person, from the newborn to the elderly, regardless of social or economic status. Through her passion for pedagogy, Adriana helps vulnerable and underprivileged children to have a brighter future.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

Nora Claudia Ampudia Márquez

Full-time research professor at Universidad Panamericana since August 1988, that is, she has worked at the institution for 34 years. In addition to her work at the university, Claudia is also a member of the Technical Council of the Institute of Geographic Information and Jalisco, of the Business Advisory Council for the Economic Growth of Jalisco of the Ministry of Economic Development of the state of Jalisco, vice president of the Center for Strategic Business Analysis at the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce and member of several business and educational commissions.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

She has also lectured at various financial and business institutions in Mexico. For Dr. Ampudia, Panamericana has been fundamental in her life, as it has supported her in her plans and projects, given her time for research and allowed her to maintain a balance between work and family.

Elizabeth Berenice González de la Torre

Manager of Accreditations and Certifications, has been working and teaching at Universidad Panamericana for almost 21 years. She has also participated in various family, social and professional projects, such as social volunteering and her involvement in the business sector as a CEMEFI consultant and advisor to the Ethics Committee of a group of companies.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

Likewise, she has been a speaker at workshops of Fundación EXPO Guadalajara and a reviewer in the accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and for the allocation of funds to support Civil Society Organizations.

Ana Magdalena Rodríguez Romero

She is a professor in business graduate programs and has been working at Panamericana for 10 years. She co-founded and directs ProSociedad, a sustainable development agency that promotes capacity building of governments, civil society and businesses to achieve a positive socio-environmental impact.

Through research, consulting and talent development, Rodriguez Romero and his team implement initiatives to transform social problems into high-impact solutions.

Five Pan American women transforming the world

Women of the Pan-American

These women are an example of how, from the university and beyond, you can generate a positive impact on society and the world. To all women who want to transform the world, we leave you the message of Professor of Engineering and Project Management Laura Rochin Mozqueda: "Transforming the world is not a utopia, it is a life project to make our talents and virtues available to others for the common good and thus become better people, women and Christians".