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Information XIV Universitas Forum: Virtue and Heroism

Aguascalientes, Ags. February 15, 2023.- The Department of Humanities of the Aguascalientes campus launches the call for applications Virtue and Heroism: Exemplary Lives with which they invite all areas of our university, in its three campuses, to participate in their traditional essay contest: Universitas Forum, in its XIV edition within the Panamericana.

Virtue and Heroism: Exemplary Lives

In this edition, interested students and teachers will have the opportunity to present their reflections on the unity between virtues and heroism, based on the analysis of characters (real and/or fictitious), who have developed exemplary lives, in order to offer a positive framework of action to face the different situations of our daily life.

The essay contest topics will allow participants to delve into themes such as exemplary lives in virtue, the legacy of saints, the arts and popular culture in virtuous living, and new modalities of heroism, which is based on practicing virtue in everyday life.

All essays must answer at least 2 "core questions" to be eligible to participate in the contest or, alternatively, 1 "core question" plus 1 "supplementary question".

Information XIV Universitas Forum: Virtue and Heroism


The deadline to register for the contest is February 28th. One day later, on March 1, the reception of essays will begin and will stop on April 10.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/8GKQofrtUAFtALsNA

Information XIV Universitas Forum: Virtue and Heroism


The prize for the winning essay of the Universitas Forum will be a MacBook Air, we invite you to consult the rules of the call and to register to participate in the Forum at the following link:


All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome, as well as any professor who would like to participate and be part of this great event.


For the current edition of the XIV Universitas 2023 Forum and with a total participation of 173 essays proposed by the university community (Aguascalientes, Guadalajara and Mexico), the organizing committee, supported by a team made up of professors and researchers from the three venues, has had the pleasure of defining the winners of this contest as follows:


Teacher Winner:

"From Greek agon to Christian holiness: an essay on excellence."

Dr. José María Llovet, Instituto de Humanidades, Mexico City, Mexico.

Pseudonym Laertiades

Alumni Winner:

" Replicants, those who don't matter Can they act like humans and be transcendent heroes?"

Javier Eluney Hernandez Cornu, Artificial Intelligence, 8th semester, School of Engineering, Aguascalientes

Pseudonym Morton Lee


"We congratulate the winners and thank all participants."

We remind you that the award ceremony will be held at 10:00 am, in the Rincón de Romos Classroom, Postgraduate Building, at the Aguascalientes Campus, on May 12 of this year.