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Alumni UP navigating in the secure universe

Mexico City, February 27, 2024.- Our graduates have specialized in various fields and have excelled in them. Universidad Panamericana have specialized in various fields and have excelled in them. A clear example is the area of insurance; and in order to learn about the path that led them to success, Panamericana 's Alumni area held the following conversation Navigating the insurance universein which they shared relevant data about this market full of opportunities.

The event was attended by insurance and reinsurance alumni such as Francisco Díaz, current Market Head and Country President for Mexico, Central America and Panama of Swiss Re; María Teresa Villegas, current product leader of specialized Marine commercial lines at AIG Seguros Mexico; María Fernanda Alonso, who for the past three years has chaired the Cargo Committee of the Latin American Association of Marine Insurance Underwriters; Francisco Majós, current commercial head of Life and Health for Ascor in Latin America; and Juan José Anduaga, head of innovation and strategic alliance at ENTALO.

Alumni UP navigating in the secure universe

Importance of the insurance industry

To begin with, they were asked why they consider insurance to be relevant as an industry, to which Díaz explained that without insurance there would be no projects focused on the development of a country and a society.

In turn, Alonso talked about how exciting this industry is: "While it allows you to take care of your patrimony and take care of your life, also as an entrepreneur, you are going to assume risk to the extent that you are going to be able to manage it, and insurance allows you to manage that risk, it allows you to say, 'ok, I am going to invest in opening a business, I am going to invest in bringing a shipment of something because I want to sell it'. That kind of enterprise would not be possible if it weren't for insurance."

For his part, Majós elaborated on what insurance represents for society: "insurance has a very strong relevance for people. It is a great engine of development, it is an engine of many jobs (...), it is a great source of high-impact development, selling something that is good for others is much easier".

Alumni UP navigating in the secure universe

The social role of insurance companies

Continuing with the discussion, the experts were asked about the social role of insurance companies for families: "I buy a life insurance policy on myself, in case I die, so that I can maintain the lifestyle of my wife and children; this has an immediate social impact on my family," said Majós.

On the other hand, Díaz explained how the different situations covered by insurance, such as a car crash, provide peace of mind to policyholders, which results in helping someone and, therefore, in a social benefit. He also pointed out how insurance seeks to help its investors to look for more sustainable alternatives for the environment and for society.

Alumni UP navigating in the secure universe

Insurance and artificial intelligence

As we are immersed in a reality in which the entry of Artificial Intelligence into all sectors of society is imminent, we could not miss the opportunity to ask the opinion of the panelists on the entry of this technology into the insurance area.

The human factor is irreplaceable, for which Anduaga responded: "for me it is an enormous benefit to process and estimate, but it will never replace what would be the interpretation and solution of concrete problems, as well as consulting for the improvement of the protection of people and companies".

Villegas highlighted the job opportunities presented by this technology: "It is a tool that is at our service to make our lives easier and also to generate more jobs; now there is the digital area where you see more and more digital programmers (...), there are people who did not evolve and did not adapt, those are the jobs that are no longer there, however, there are other jobs that are coming out".

This event provided us with a hopeful and optimistic vision of the job opportunities that emerge with the integration of innovative technologies. In addition, the convergence of experiences shared by the alumni experts revealed not only the vitality of this industry today, but also its ability to adapt and evolve in the face of technological trends.

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Alumni UP navigating in the secure universe