Universidad Panamericana | National Dance Championship: three first places for UP
National Dance Championship: three first places for UP

Aguascalientes, Ags., December 5, 2022.- In art, the deepest part of the human being is manifested and, through the very activity of one or more individuals, the inner beauty is exposed. Panamericana students excel in every possible aspect, and yet, it seems that in the ability to externalize the intimate through art, they stand out even more.

National Dance Championship: three first places for UP

National Dance Championship

For this reason, our institution in its Aguascalientes campus, has three dance teams in Poms, Jazz and Hip Hop; integrated by students from different careers and semesters, trained by choreographers Pedro Arredondo in Poms and Jazz and Gary Ochoa in Hip Hop. These teams participate every year in the most prestigious regional, national and international championships.

This year the three teams were selected to participate in the National Dance Championship organized by the National Cheerleading Organization (ONP). The event was held at the Expo Santa Fe in Mexico City, from December 3 to 5, where our students obtained the following results:

  • Poms university: 1st place
  • Jazz university: 1st place
  • Hip hop university: 1st place

National Dance Championship: three first places for UP

High productivity for a lot of effort

With these performances, they have left the prestige of the university and the State of Aguascalientes at a very high level.

All of this has been possible thanks to the great efforts made by the students on a daily basis, as commented by Michelle Raimond Kedilhac, Director of Arts and Culture in Aguascalientes: "teamwork, discipline, commitment, companionship, aspiration to great challenges, character formation and care for details are some of the formative aspects that we constantly seek to develop in the members of these groups".

The first UP dance competition team was formed in 2016 with the Poms discipline. Since that year, recognitions and awards have been constant for the quality of the work they reflect.

The students make their studies and work compatible with their training, always accompanied by the Art and Culture team of the campus so that these experiences contribute to the integral formation of each one.

National Dance Championship: three first places for UP

We congratulate each of the students who are part of these teams for their great dedication, the coaches who make this quality work possible, the parents for their support, and the coordination of Art and Culture for promoting these activities.