Universidad Panamericana | UP Community unites in "Cuts with a Cause".
UP Community Unites in "Cortes con Causa" (Cuts with a Cause)

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; March 6, 2023. Guadalajara Campus of the Universidad Panamericana has been the scene of the "Cuts with a Cause" project. This initiative, promoted by the University Life department, has as its main objective to support charitable causes and motivate the university community to actively participate in them.

UP Community Unites in "Cortes con Causa" (Cuts with a Cause)

The project

The protagonists of this project were the students, who were inviting the university community to have a haircut, the cost of which varied between 300 and 350 pesos. The amount raised will be given in its entirety to the Down Institute of the West, a non-profit educational organization, in order to provide children, youth and adults with Down Syndrome the special education they need.

In addition to this charitable cause, cuts over 10 cm will be donated to make beanies with hair extensions for children with cancer.

UP Community Unites in "Cortes con Causa" (Cuts with a Cause)

In this fourth edition of "Cuts with a Cause", the Panamericana Campus Guadalajara community raised a total of 60 thousand pesos from 195 haircuts.

For the execution of the event, 15 stylists donated their working day, from 9:30 in the morning until 8 at night, to perform the haircuts. All proceeds went to support the Civil Association.

The importance of this project lies in sowing charity in the students, who aspire to improve the welfare of those who make up our society. These initiatives are a powerful tool to sensitize future Mexican professionals to the importance of service and solidarity.

At the end of the event, Ms. Raquel Acosta, assistant to Vida Universitaria, shared the following reflection:

"One might think that cutting one's hair or donating it might be too easy, but no.. Because a lot of times you donate money, and you can easily part with it, but hair, no. Hair is very much yours. Hair is very much yours. You are donating a part of yourself.It's another way to serve others."

UP Community Unites in "Cortes con Causa" (Cuts with a Cause)


Cristobal, a Panamericana student shared that "it feels good to know that with your hair you can help someone else and I think it's incredible that the University does this kind of thing".

Ricardo Martinez, Panamerican collaborator, was proud to participate in this project for the second consecutive year. "I had not planned to participate, but I passed by and saw the amount of people, I saw how motivated everyone was, how they were telling you to come by and help, so I was encouraged and the truth is that it is very cool to participate and be part of this altruistic event to help someone else."

Rosy Eguiarte, a Panamericana collaborator, confessed that she had already donated her hair, but this time she decided to do it at the UP. "I loved the stylist, she entertained me super well and super fast, and the truth is thatit is an event worth attending."

The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara is deeply grateful to everyone who made this fourth edition of "Cortes con Causa" possible, from the volunteers who donated their time and talent to those who generously decided to support this noble cause.

UP Community Unites in "Cortes con Causa" (Cuts with a Cause)