Universidad Panamericana | Launch of Talent Management and Direction
Launching of Talent Management and Leadership

Zapopan, Jalisco; January 29, 2024.- The Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara held the launch of the Bachelor's Degree in "Administration and Talent Management", formerly called "Talent Management".

Talent Management and Direction

The name change was made to more accurately reflect the comprehensive nature and scope of the knowledge acquired in the program. This change seeks to highlight the importance of managing talent, leading and strategically directing professionals in a dynamic business environment.

Launching of Talent Management and Leadership

Program changes

Although the essence of the program remains the same, the name change entails a revision and updating of the academic content. This revision process ensures that students continue to receive a relevant and up-to-date education in the field of talent management.

Advantages for students

Students of "Talent Management and Leadership" will benefit from a more comprehensive and up-to-date approach to talent management. The advantages consist of:

  • Stronger preparation to facecontemporary human resources challenges.
  • Greater relevance in the labor market.
  • Better understanding of how to lead teams in changing environments.

Launching of Talent Management and Leadership

Launching event

The launch event included a keynote address by leading international entrepreneur Bisila Bokoko, founder and CEO of BBES, a New York-based business development agency that represents and promotes brands from international markets.

This event will be an opportunity to visually present the reasons behind the change, projecting data to support the evolution of the program.

The Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara celebrates and recognizes the academic transformation within the School of Business, as well as the acquisition of new tools as essential resources in both academic and professional fields.

Launching of Talent Management and Leadership