Universidad Panamericana | UP to host the 60th EUHOFA World Congress
UP hosts the 60th EUHOFA World Congress

Mexico City, March 8, 2023 - Hospitality is one of the most important human values in which the company specializes. Universidad Panamericana specializes in. This is why the Panamericana was one of the venues for the 60th World Congress of EUHOFAthe International Association of Hotel, Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism Schools, founded in 1955, with presence in more than 50 countries.

60th EUHOFA World Congress

The central objective of this congress is to present the essence of hospitality and humanize it through achieving the goal we all seek: happiness. Likewise, it seeks to help achieve excellence in hospitality, which results in a superior human experience.

Present during the event were Lluís Serra, president of the EUHOFA and Arturo Anaya, vice-president of the 60th World Congress; as well as Dr. Santiago García, rector of the Universidad Panamericana.

UP hosts the 60th EUHOFA World Congress

ESDAI and hospitality

To begin the event, Mr. Salvador Beltran del Rio, Director of Institutional Development at Universidad Panamericana said: "it is an honor to have you here, in the third session of this congress, in our Mexico City campus".

Subsequently, Beltran spoke about ESDAI and its origin: "ESDAI has a career in hospitality management in Mexico, founded together with the university and the other careers in 1969, it was born as a response to the need to train professionals for the administration of services in the hospitality industry".

UP hosts the 60th EUHOFA World Congress

About hospitality

Next, Dr. Héctor Zagalal Dr. Héctor Zagala member of the National System of Researchers (CONACYT) and professor of the School of Philosophy at Panamericana University, took the podium and spoke about the story of Ulysses and Polyphemus, after which Ulysses defines the Cyclops as savages because, among other reasons, they lack hospitality.

After giving this brief introduction on the presence of hospitality throughout history, Zagal pointed out: "what characterizes the hospitable man is that he receives the stranger and introduces him to the most sacred space, the most important, which is the space of his home, where, out of generosity, he protects and cares for him (...), the virtue of hospitality implies recognizing the other as a worthy person and someone who deserves respect".

UP hosts the 60th EUHOFA World Congress

He also spoke about hostile organizations, based on mistrust and exploitation, and about hospital organizations: "a hospital organization is an organization that strives to make relationships with suppliers and employees a win-win situation".

To conclude, Zagal spoke of the challenges Mexico faces in the hospitality industry, such as its old architecture, in which he sees an area for development; or anger, to which we are always exposed and the role of the manager in overcoming the challenges: "the manager, an expert in hospitality, has to orchestrate the instruments to achieve this integral wellbeing".