Universidad Panamericana | Working for mental health at the Paris 2024 Olympics
Working for mental health at the Paris 2024 Olympics

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; August 03, 2022.- Paulina Juan Chong, a graduate of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara of the Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy and Educational Innovation (2016 - 2020) is currently pursuing a master's degree and at the same time working as a Project Manager, oriented to mental health, in the company Imhotep Santé, in Paris, France.

Working for mental health at the Paris 2024 Olympics

The company seeks to address the problem of negative and discouraging campaigns on mental health, as well as the difficult access to information on the subject in France. To solve this problem, they seek to bring together health professionals and comedians to transform health messages for the general public by developing a positive, encouraging and humorous approach to health. The aim is to awaken interest in the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Working for mental health at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Part of Paulina's work is the preparation of a campaign to promote wellness and mental health, planned to be carried out in the framework of the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

"The career of Pedagogy and Educational Innovation, I prepare me for this moment."

Paulina is originally from Chiapas, and is grateful for the opportunity to have lived in the United States for five years, as well as to have studied at Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara.

Working for mental health at the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Alumni expressed her admiration for the entire academic faculty of Panamericana, commented on the impeccable education she received, and the memory of classes and topics such as educational policies, tools that she uses today. It is worth noting that, in his view, an outstanding factor of the Universidad Panamericana is her human approach, which awakened in her the desire to treat those around her with dignity as people.

"I love that no matter what degree you take, they all have that common humanities framework, a comprehensive program, which helps us build all kinds of skills, no matter what branch of your degree."

The Universidad Panamericana is proud of all its graduates, who have a positive impact on society and on important issues such as mental health, not only in Mexico, but also in different latitudes, as is the case of Paulina.

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